Weight Loss Challenge!

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""Do not pursue a carnivore or ketogenic diet without working with Chris first! He has personal experience and an arsenal of tools at his disposal to help you create a plan that works for your individual goals and lifestyle. It wasn't until after consulting with Chris that I finally (after nine months doing carnivore on my own) saw progress. Even after the initial call he kept in touch with me and answered my questions. He has a positive attitude and will energize you to take to start your journey and stick with it. He is worth every penny."

"I've been doing this diet now for 2weeks and already lost about five kilos (10lbs).  It's definitely working for me. Thanks for all the info. πŸ‘"

"We are 3 days in my husband has lost 5 lbs &  I've lost 2. Amazing!!!"

""Been on a ketogenic (high fat, adequate protein, low carb) diet for 21/2 months now...I've lost 25 pounds (weight and BMI is currently considered normal, waist has gone from 36" to 32".), my blood pressure has lowered to normal. Acid reflux has disappeared.  Also, my wife has told me that I no longer snore (to her enjoyment). I also feel a steadiness throughout the day and have plenty of energy.   The cool thing is everything I eat can be purchased at a regular grocery store....Special thanks to Chris Donohue for introducing me to this life-changing diet!"

"The ketogenic diet works!  I've lost 20 pounds in six weeks!...I have no more acid reflux, lower blood pressure, much easier to fast etc"

"I've gone Keto the past week and a half and have lost 7 pounds!  Plus I've had much trouble with acid-reflux the past several years. all that is gone too!  My body feels calmer and more steady than ever!  Thanks much!"

"I'm on the last notch of my belt.  I'll have to buy a new belt soon I sense! My son this past weekend asked me to try on his 33" waist jeans. He got a big kick seeing me wear his pants!  They fit great!  I've been a 36" waist for many, many years"

"30 pounds gone...most of the weight was lost by just changing my eating. No sugar, no grains....basically lots of good fats, protein and dairy and veggies... have been stuck at this same weight for almost a 2 years....I'm thankful to see my health restored and to enjoy living life again. 30 more to go!!...Thank you for sharing your story online. Your testimony made me willing to try it."

"Crazy weight loss. Chris Donohue shared about using a ketosis diet and losing a huge amount of weight.  HE can share with you how to do that."